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Family constellations

Family constellations represent the most effective tool for change of personal attitudes and negative forms of thinking that does not serve us and that we carry from our family of origin, the family where we were brought up.

Family constellations help solving life troubles and make the hidden reality visible. They free us from those forms of thinking and behaviour, which can limit our life. We have a chance to discover and heal emotional hurts from childhood and thus improve how we relate to other people, environment, and to ourselves. This change is then reflected in all the area of our life.

During the workshop, your communication and thinking models will be revealed to you through „living sculptures“ and other excercises. We use these models with other people. We learned them during our up bringing, in our families. These models may complicate our communication with other people. Our patterns then can be seen, we can understand them and change them.

In the first place, it is important to work on our relationship with our parents and to accept them the way they are. If we go against them, we will go against ourselves because it is them from whom we come from. They are our parts without whom, we would not exist. It is essential to accept them without conditions.

In a given constellation, we determine present persons as members of our family and position them in the space, as we perceive them in our family. This way, the hidden family system becomes visible. In the moment when the chosen members stand at their places and start role playing, they can experience the emotions and reactions of the real member of the family, who they portray. These experiences for some amazing reason describe exactly family secrets, plots, and connections. Family „taboos“ suddenly surface. The most common reasons for painful relationships is the loss of communication among the family members. What happens next, is the loss of self esteem, loss of honesty and objectivity, hidden unsatisfaction surfaces together with a fear of listening to others.

"Family Constellations bring into our relations hormony and love."

Antonín Konvička


Born in 1957 in Ostrava, originally worked in the electronics, long time teacher of specialized subjects. Works with kinesiology, dynamic meditations, with self esteem, communication models, live sculptures, family maps and family constellations.

Studies teaching Shrí Rama Maharishi and Shrí Aurabinda / India /. After the return from his trip to India in 1999, he met Prof. Walter F. Zahnd / USA, California / and became his student. He is a lecturer of the „family constellations“, use communications models by Virginia Satir / USA /. Absolved his "Family reconstruction“ in 2002 under the leadership of Prof. Zahnd. Nowadays, Antonin takes classes at the Prague Psychotherapy Fakulty in Prague. He is an advocate of the "Rogers" approach to his clients.

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