Company constellations

How to increase the company value?

The value of a company comes from resources with which it disposes. Not only material and financial resources but also intelectual. The success and survivor of a business depends on the correct usage of the resources. Human „intelectual cupital“ consists of creativity, invention, and a potential for development of the employees. By increasing their creativity and their ability to communicate we increase also the value of a copany.

What is the problem?

Human capital is influenced by many factors. Often, it is used only partially. Every person brings their personality and character to work, and is able to use only what they learned in the family of origin. /the one we grow up/. The rearing we received in our original family partially influences us to certain extend to what we do in the future. We are influenced by what we received from our parents. They transferred to us only what they learned themselves from their own parents.

Why devote time to human capital also with a non-traditional approach?

Because human resources are more and more important part in the development of the businesses planning. It pays off to give time to human resources as well as to other sources. And to understand that in the future, this part of companies richness will be more and more important. Tarditional schemes for work with human potential will not hold up in the coming times.

Possible solution in the form of company constellations

Company constellations contribute to cultivation of human resources. They focus on correction of company problems, controversial points in the communication and increasing of the effectivity of the managing of the company. The company constellations are always dependent on the assignement. Many times, the problematic or controversial points are not visible within a company. Thanks to the constellations, it is possible to see and then understand a problem from a new point of view. Understanding of a problem is the first step to its solving.

"A problem is not the problem, but the attitude towards it, may be the trouble!"

What are company constellations and how do they work?

A group of employees that come together for the company constellations, wil get a specific assignement. A constellation is created, which models the actual situation. From the positions of each role player who represent various parts of the company /according to the organizational structure, these can be also divisions, various departments = production, expeditions, management etc./ it is possible to see, and eventually understand, how different departments cooperate and communicate. Based on this particular placement of the actors, the guide then makes the changes in the space. He or she fixes errors and controversial points. The most common problem is a non functional communication among individual parts of the company or among people. It is very similar to a family, where, many times, the members do not talk to each other. The goal of these constellations is to make the management process more effective, and fully express and use the human potential in people.

Possible Results of the Constellations:

Where, when?

Wherever and whenever in the Czech Republic, based on the previous agreement. Optimal number of the participants is 10 – 22 people.

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